Registered Clients

Access to all the services we offer at a very reasonable price.

Access to all the services we offer at a very reasonable price

We offer a special service for those clients who are habitually in Spain, do not have serious legal problems but may need legal assistance or advice from time to time and do not want to spend large amounts on solicitors fees. For an annual fee of only 300 Euros (for private individuals) and only 600 Euros (for companies and professionals) any person or entity can be registered in our client data base and have access to all the services we offer.

We know that this service gives our registered clients peace of mind because all of them have the security of knowing that several experienced solicitors and tax advisers are behind them at all times, looking after their interests and assuring them of the following benefits:

  • Free advice and guidance on any legal-fiscal matter without limitation.
  • Possibility of meeting us at any time in our offices.
  • Possibility of contacting one of our solicitors on an emergency mobile phone number which is always attended, even on Sundays Tel: (34) 646 776 118.
  • No fees for carrying out small legalfiscal works.
  • 50 % discount on our standard fees for carrying out more specific and difficult works.
  • Current information by e-mail of any change of legislation or notice of interest regarding non-residents regulations, etc.
  • Priority and personal attention at all times.

It is very easy to become a registered client, you only have to contact us and sign a simple agreement with our firm.

Specialists in Spanish Inheritance Law

You can be registered at any time of the year after paying the appropriate fee from the date of your registration, until the end of the year. After that, registration can be renewed every year in January.

For further information on this service or for registration please do not hesitate to contact us at We will be pleased to hear from you and explain, in simple terms, this service.