Making the right moves makes any tax affair easy and straightforward.


Efficient and effective tax information to protect your interest.

We know that clients are demanding more and more customised services, better value and instant responses to enquires. As solicitors specialised in Tax matters, we offer the possibility of providing quick general tax advice or preparing written technical fiscal opinions on any kind of matter regarding Spanish Tax Laws.

Tax in Spain

We can also provide you with quick access to current Spanish Tax Laws in plain, understandable English.

Fees, costs and time for preparing these kinds of written tax opinions cannot be given in advance. However, within 24 hours of receiving an enquiry, we will give you an estimation of our fees for preparing a written report and the time we need to prepare it.

In general, we provide a rigorous and precise written report on any tax matter within one week.

For further information on this service or requesting any written tax opinion, please do not hesitate to contact us at We will be pleased to study your particular case and provide you our technical fiscal opinion.


Our clients will never have to hear “I’m sorry…”

We understand that nobody likes paying Tax and that Tax is a worry for many people who fill in tax returns every year.

Tax self-assessment in Spain can be one of the biggest upheavals for those who are not Spanish, do not speak Spanish but do live and/or work live in Spain. They will be expected to calculate their tax bill and pay their tax on time. Penalties, interest and surcharges will have to be paid if taxes are not correctly paid on time.

It sounds daunting but we are in Spain to help you and deal with your tax affairs professionally. We will advise on the best taxation planning for your particular case and explain how you can avoid taxation without breaking the Law.

Why wrestle with your tax affairs in Spain alone when expert help is readily available at Marbella Solicitors?

We design and implement domestic and international tax planning strategies to help our clients operate efficiently and effectively to minimise their taxes in Spain, but we always assure compliance with Spanish Tax Laws.

Our qualified taxation team offers a complete tax return service including advice on self assessment, calculating and minimising your tax bill, timing tax payments and avoiding penalties and surcharges. Use the experts to get it right for your peace of mind.

If you contact us our range of tax services includes:

  • Assistance in dealing with the Spanish Revenue.
  • Tax planning and problem solving.
  • Explanation in simple terms of your Tax liabilities in Spain.
  • Personal annual tax returns, avoiding penalties.
  • Guidance through the Spanish tax system.
  • Calculation and minimisation of your tax bill without breaking the Law.
  • General tax advice.
  • Making sure you claim all your allowances and relief.
  • Asset protection planning.
  • Advise if and when you need to give the tax office more information and what the tax consequences will be.
  • Advice on Inheritance Tax planning.

The pages of our website summarizes briefly the tax system in Spain. Their contents are based on our expertise, understanding of current Spanish Laws and Inland Revenue practice at the beginning of the year 2011. Although our web site is currently updated, future changes in legislation and practice could affect the information provided on our web site. Thus, this information should not be regarded as offering a precise and complete explanation of the Spanish Tax system, so for further information you should contact us.


Get the right advice. Do not pay taxes twice !

Spain has concluded double taxation treaties with several nations with which it has considerable trade and economic relations. Most European countries have double tax treaties with Spain.

Any individual or company resident or non-resident may deduct a foreign tax credit to avoid double taxation. So before paying any Spanish Tax possible double taxation treaties applicable to the taxpayer must be studied. We can provide you with a copy of any double taxation treaty signed between Spain and your own country.

Spain has signed Double Tax treaties with many countries. A list of the countries and a copy of the tax treaties can be obtained from the web site of the Spanish Inland Revenue:

For further information on Double Tax Treaties, please do not hesitate to contact us at We will be pleased to study your particular case and explain how the Double tax treaty signed between Spain and your own country applies to you personally.

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