Translation Services

We guarantee a rigurous service in a fast and efficient manner and a reasonable cost.

We will ensure your translation reads as naturally as the original document


We specialize in handling different types of technical tax and legal translations as well as commercial ones, often containing vocabulary and terminology that is sector specific.

We work with documents from different fields of law, including company law, criminal law, contract law, insurance, litigation and property.

Should you need that one of our lawyer-translators assist you at the signature of a legal document (contract, deeds, etc.), we can also assist you by being present and translating all documents to be signed.

As a full-service Law Firm, our translation services includes translation, edition and proofreading by different translators at no additional charge, as well as the translation of all types of documents to and from all file formats.

We work with Spanish Lawyers who are also translators. They have the competence, specialist knowledge and commitment to consistently and meticulously reproduce the precise meaning and message of your original document, ensuring that your translation is readable, effective and natural. Our translators are native speakers of the language they are translating into and have a proven track record. We also carefully monitor their work in order to ensure that every translation we produce has the quality that we demand and that our clients expect.


Our Law Firm can also provide translations of documents in other languages. We accomplish this because we work with a carefully selected team of trusted partners and allocate each individual translation project according to its own criteria in terms of the specific competence and technical expertise required. We work with:

  • All types of documents
  • A wide range of languages
  • Very tight deadlines when needed – even for large jobs
  • Legal, tax and financial contents
  • Other types of content including technical, marketing, etc

For every document we translate we guarantee that:

  • Your translation reads like it was originally written in that language
  • Your message is as effective in the translation as in the original
  • Your translation follows the terminology, style and image of the original document.
  • All technical terms are translated with absolute accuracy
  • Your translation is delivered on time
  • The integrity of your document’s layout and formatting is strictly maintained
  • Your costs are kept to a minimum
  • We will ensure absolute confidentiality and document security.
  • We handle translations from different areas of finance including insurance and banking
  • Each document is researched thoroughly to ensure that financial and other technical terminology is translated accurately.
  • We place a high value on readability