Legal services Málaga

Félix López Ávalos

Senior Partner Malaga Office

  • Bachelor of Laws, Malaga University (Spain)
  • Languages: Spanish and English.

Tel. (0034) 952 901 225
Fax (0034) 952 901 226
Mob. (0034) 646 776 118

A specialist in civil and insurance law, Felix is the head of the Malaga office and has extensive experience as legal adviser in all kind of civil and insurance matters. He has also represented a wide variety of community of owners as Felix is a specialist in horizontal property law. In addition to practising civil law, he also specializes in criminal law and is also in charge of all litigation cases of the clients of the Law Firm. Felix is responsible for all litigation cases of the clients of the firm, being in charge of preparing claims, assistance to Court Hearings, negotiations, drafts of court appeals, etc. Felix was one of the founders of the Law Firm in 2000 and the head of the Malaga Office.