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Real Estate Solicitor lawyers in spainSome of the Marbella Solicitors members attended an organized talk in late September. It was organised by the Malaga Bar Association in collaboration with the Institute of Business Practice and dealt with business opportunities for lawyers in the real estate sector.

During the talk they highlighted the fact that the Malaga Province is the market leader for property purchases and sales in the Andalusian region, making it the one of the main players in the propulsion of economic recovery in the area. They also pointed out that Málaga is one of the top ranking provinces nationally in this field.


According to the INE, (National Statistics Institute), buying and selling homes in Andalusia increased by 18.6% in March 2016, compared with the same month in 2015. In real terms this adds up to 6,299 operations, which is two points above the national average. 

Real Estate lawyers in Spain

Regarding the prospects for future growth of purchases and sales of housing, the outlook is very positive. Although it would be difficult to reach the figures achieved in the years 2006, 2007 and 2008, growth is expected to be constant. The increase in property buying and selling operations, together with the reopening of the mortgage tap by banks, make the next few years in the Real Estate Industry a potential boom time.

Either way the new business model of commitment to diversification and personalization in the treatment of clients has always been our aim:  speed, professionalism and client care, being our priorities.

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