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According to the Spanish Law 20/2002, approved on January 29, 2002, by the Junta de Andalucía regarding Tourism in Rural Areas, if you own a property in the countryside and want to rent it, you must comply with the following conditions, and first consultant with lawyers in Málaga:

– Properties are considered to come under this law if they are located in the countryside in an area where the population centers do not exceed 20,000 inhabitants, and when they are not on the coast.
– Only the accommodation is provided.
– It is offered for tourism purposes.
– It is rented for less than 3 months to the same tenant.
– In no case, must there be more than three dwellings in the same building.
– The maximum capacity of twenty guests must not be exceeded.
– Must be furnished and supply the necessary equipment to enable immediate use.
– Must have drinking water, if there is no water from the municipal network, a deposit of at least 200L is required.
– Must have waste water treatment.
– Must have an electricity supply.
– Must provide a First aid kit.
– Garbage collection must be carried out according to the law of the town hall where the property is located.
– 5 kg of load fire extinguishers must be supplied.
– Map of where the house is located, (i.e. plans, sketches, etc …), must be provided.
– Vehicle access must be available.
Once you meet all of these requirements you can register your home in the Tourist Registry of Andalusia which will provide you with a CODE that must be included in all your advertising.
Contact Marbellasolicitors for more information and register your rural housing with the Andalusia Tourist Register.

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