ABM ARCHITECT’S main service is the preparation and submission of the architectural plans that you will require for Local Authority Planning and Building Control approval. They deal with all the paperwork and liaise with the Local Authorities for your applications.

MARBELLA SOLICITORS has worked in collaboration with ABM Architects for over 8 years and we have no hesitation, based on the experience of our clients, in recommending them as architects of the highest quality. Our clients have received architectural advice and designs of the highest quality at the best prices. From information on planning and building regulation approvals, to advice on hiring builders, they will provide all the help you need.

It is our wish that our client’s plans flourish with the most innovative architecture, interior design and graphic design services, and this is the reason we recommend ABM ARCHITECTS.

As architects, ABM ARCHITECTS seek to deliver buildings and environments that meet the needs of their clients. They not only design projects that adhere to the client’s initial budget, but also guide the client through all the process and steps with full commitment from the beginning to the end, meaning that you the client can have confidence that the project will be done well and within an agreed budget. From a simple home extension, a loft conversion to your own dream house, you can browse the web site for all the information you need.

They will be happy to arrange for one of their architects to visit you, in your home or premises, to discuss your requirements for your architectural projects. They can discuss with you any design matter of which you are unsure, or suggest alternative ideas when you do not quite know what you want. They will also advise on any limitations that you are likely to encounter in the Planning and Building Regulations process.

As with Marbella Solicitors, the architects of ABM are focused on client satisfaction and they can provide clients with all architectural professional services, such as:

  • Architecture Design
  • Interior Design
  • Urban Planning
  • Project Management
  • Construction Management
  • Construction Cost Control

ABM ARCHITECTS are the key for any architecture/design project or business that you will be developing in Spain now or in the future. You will need the advice and help of an independent professional architect who will take care of your interests, will help you to make the right decisions, and guide you through the local bureaucracy.

ABM ARCHITECTS will always provide the right advice and professional opinions.

As many legal issues are related to architecture and construcion, you may need the help and assistance of an architect. ABM ARCHITECTS are experts in that field and have collaborated with MARBELLA SOLICITORS in many legal and court procedures where architectural technical assistance was required.

They can assist you with any legal matters related to architecture and construction, such as:

  • Property Valuation
  • Architectural reports on damages
  • Architectural reports on measurement of properties
  • Construction Damages Consultancy
  • Architecture Legal Issues
  • Reports on suitability for building of plots of land.
  • Reports on development potential and on any local town hall planning restrictions.
  • Construction Licenses Management
  • Best advice source for all aspects of extending your home.

If you cannot find the information you require on this web site or simply wish to ask advice on a particular project you can either contact MARBELLA SOLICITORS or ABM ARCHITECTS by e-mail, phone or fax.

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