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Tax Form 210 must be filed before 31st December

Hi All,

Just a brief note to remind all NON-RESIDENT PROPERTY OWNERS IN SPAIN that the period for submitting the Tax Form 210 ends on the 31st Decmber.

An important point to consider is that now is the time to pay the taxes due for 2019, and in order to calculate the taxes the Catastral Value of the property for that year is used. The Catastral Value can be found on your IBI receipt, (this is the annual receipt from your local Town Hall).

Each owner must file an individual tax form stating the percentage owned and pay the proportional amount of tax.

We would be happy to assist those people that do not have the time or tax knowledge to enable them to do it themselves. Our fees for this are 100 euro, (21% VAT included), per property, regardless of the number of legal owners of the property.

If you require assistance with any tax issues do not hesitate to contact us. Marbella Solicitors.

tel. 952 901 225 – mail@marbellasolicitors.com

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